Hanboost S1 Cordless Rotary Kit for DIY & Maker (Buy 1 Get 1 )
Hanboost S1 Cordless Rotary Kit for DIY & Maker (Buy 1 Get 1 )
Hanboost S1 Cordless Rotary Kit for DIY & Maker (Buy 1 Get 1 )
Hanboost S1 Cordless Rotary Kit for DIY & Maker (Buy 1 Get 1 )
Hanboost S1 Cordless Rotary Kit for DIY & Maker (Buy 1 Get 1 )
Hanboost S1 Cordless Rotary Kit for DIY & Maker (Buy 1 Get 1 )


Hanboost S1 Cordless Rotary Kit for DIY & Maker (Buy 1 Get 1 )

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Hanboost S1 is more than a tool, it's a comprehensive, multi-functional solution for DIY enthusiasts, creators, and thinkers. With its ability to polish, drill, grind, cut, and even carve, it streamlines your tasks and boosts efficiency. Hanboost is your go-to device for handling various materials, simplifying your DIY projects.

Compact, Lightweight & Ergonomic Design

Its compact and lightweight design, weighing merely 105g, provides unparalleled convenience, time to free yourself from the constraints of a power source and enjoy the freedom to work anytime, anywhere with ease. Also, the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and reduces hand fatigue during long working periods.

Highly Concentric Design 

Say goodbye to crooked holes with our high concentricity feature, ensuring every drill is straight and true, our stable clamping ensures your workpiece stays put, letting you focus on your creation.

Hanboost DIY Polishing and Drilling Machine features a robust, thick-walled metal head that resists wear and oxidation and facilitates an easy change of bits.

We understand that each material has its unique properties and requires special handling, therefore, we provide specially adapted tool heads for different materials, whether you're carving, sanding, polishing, or drilling, and changing Bit is also a breeze,  letting you spend more time creating and less time prepping.

Precise Speed Control

It features a unique 5-speed adjustment function, providing the flexibility for fine drilling, cutting or rapid polishing. With a simple switch, you can optimize the rotation speed according to the hardness of the material and the specifics of the task, delivering a more efficient and convenient work experience.

In addition, the forward and reverse rotation function provides higher efficiency for your creation, it allows for impeccable precision and control, adapting to your every need in all your detailed DIY tasks.

S1's vibrant LED display effortlessly indicates battery and gear status, making operation straightforward even for newcomers

Powerful Motor & Ultrahigh Precision

Equipped with a powerful, high-efficiency motor, Hanboost All-in-One DIY Polishing and Drilling Machine can reach speeds up to 18000 RPM. Whether drilling into hardwood, polishing metal, or cutting wood, it works smoothy.

Ultra Quiet Operation

Despite its high-speed rotation, Hanboost maintains low noise levels, providing a more pleasant working environment, the noise is only around 46 db even at maximum rate.

Elegance Design & Aluminium Body

Hanboost S1 not only provides you with extreme creative convenience, but the aluminum alloy shell also brings you an eye-catching design, which not only has excellent metal texture, but also has superior oxidation properties and durability, ensuring a lasting return on your investment.

Long Lasting Battery

Hanboost adopts USB-C to charge, which is very convenient and fast, and an 800maH capacity battery will offer around 4-5 hours of continuous usage at a time. At the same time, Hanboost is also equipped with an intelligent circuit protection system to ensure your safe and worry-free use.

Protective Storage Box

For the ultimate safeguarding of your tools, we include a robust ABS toolbox that ensures super resistance against watershock, and pressure during usage or transit. This durable box isn't merely for your tools; it's a reliable storage solution for your essential items too.

Safety First

S1 comes with a buckle-type dust cover to ensure your safety during use, the dust cover prevents the splashing of dust and debris during drilling or polishing, protecting your eyes and skin.

Plus S1 provides 4 intelligent protection, which features overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, and charge/discharge protection. We ensure the utmost reliability and durability for your tool within compact and smart.

Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? Whether it's Christmas, a birthday, or just because, the Hanboost S1 is an ideal gift for him or her, a true tool for DIY lovers.