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11 in 1 Multi-tool Pen
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Hanboost P1 11 In 1 Multi-Tool EDC Pen Perfect Gift for All Occasions

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This black ink multi-tool ballpoint pen has 11 functions. Widely used in daily life and work.
  • Led Light: Provide lighting in dark working environments. Press the light bead vertically to turn on/off. No need to unscrew the pen cap.
  • Stress Reliever Knob: Spin to help relieve stress. Hand no longer idle. Helps fill your time when you are bored or in a daze.
  • Ruler: Lightweight measurement. Measure the length quickly.
  • Hook Remover: Take off the tight thread instead of fingers, prevent fingers from being cut by the thread.
  • Box Opener Knife: Quickly cut the tape, open the express box quickly.
  • Bottle Opener: A must for beer lovers.
  • Slotted & Phillips screwdriver: Repairing glasses, sockets, Tighten small screws. The screwdriver set is hidden inside the pen without scratching.
  • Retractable pen: Meets All Your Needs for Signing Checks, Taking Notes, Filling Out Forms,Meeting,ect Total 3 refills provide a smooth and relaxing writing experience.
  • 8mm External hexagonal wrench: Matching M5 nuts.
  • Mobile phone holder: Mobile phone horizontal stand. It's convenient to watch videos on your desk without holding your phone. But the phone can't be too thick.

Men & Women Great Gift's Idea Suitable for all Occasions

  • This is the best choice if you want a stylish, special and high quality gift. Whether it's Father's Day gift, an anniversary, Christmas, a birthday or just for yourself, anyone who receives this pen will be delighted.


How to replace the pen refill?

  • Hold both ends of the built-in pen tube in your hand and pull them to expose the pen refill.

How to replace the multifunctional blade?

  • As shown in the picture, unscrew the blade to the left and replace it with the required functional blade.
How to replace the batteries?
  • Pinch and rotate the second component on the pen cap to expose the led and battery (not the decompression component, the one next to it.)
  • Then rotate the led head off the silver component to replace the battery. When using the light normally, there is no need to unscrew the pen cap, just press the light head.

How to use phone holder?

  • Place the phone horizontally and put it in the holder slot. Adjust the slot about the center of the phone screen side, gently place the phone so that one of the left and right corners of the long side of the phone against the desktop.
  • Tip: When trying for the first time, be careful to prevent scratching the screen. If the phone is too thick, please give up.