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Say Goodbye to Chaos" 1 instead of Bunch

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Tired of rummaging through cluttered toolboxes? Frustrated by bulky equipment that takes up valuable space? Or feeling exhausted from struggling with materials due to using inadequate tools?

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Get ready to add more spark to your life with Hanboost S2 , a powerful multi-functional rotary tool kit that has everything you need.


Explore Beyond Possibilities

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Wide Application
2.3mm Robust & Thick-walled Metal Head

S2 features a robust, thick-walled metal head that resists wear and oxidation and facilitates an easy change of bits.


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Compactable & Portable

Weighing just 125g, It is lightweight and comfortable to handle, making it perfect for extended use on your projects.

High Torque & High Speed

Despite its compact size, it delivers true performance with a maximum speed of up to 30,000 RPM and a torque of up to 160 Nm, ensuring efficiency and power in every task.


Nore More Crook

Featuring a high-concentricity design, S2 electric grinder delivers unmatched stability and precision. It guarantees accurate alignment for both detailed drilling and intricate carving tasks, ensuring flawless execution with no deviations

Special Ports for Pet Owner

Our pet nail grinder provides a gentle, quick, and painless method for trimming and grooming your pet's nails, minimizing the risks associated with over-clipping. Give your dog healthier paws and improved comfort starting today

Even at maximum speed, the Hanboost operates quietly with noise levels not exceeding 46 dB, ensuring a quieter working environment,making it ideal for easily grinding the nails of small animals or puppies without causing distress.


More Feature

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6 Speed Adjustment

The Hanboost S2 offers a unique 6-speed adjustment feature, allowing precise control for everything from fine drilling to rapid polishing.

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Sleek Craftsmanship

The Hanboost S2 combines creative convenience with an eye-catching aluminum alloy shell. This not only adds a sophisticated metal texture but also offers superior oxidation resistance and durability, ensuring a lasting investment.


Easy to Operate

S1's vibrant LED display effortlessly indicates battery and gear status, making operation straightforward even for newcomers


USB C Quick Charge

Hanboost adopts USB-C to charge, which is very convenient and fast, and an 1100maH capacity battery will offer around 3-4 hour continuous usage at a time. At the same time, Hanboost is also equipped with an intelligent circuit protection system to ensure your safe and worry-free use.

4 Intellgient Protection

Plus S1 provides 4 intelligent protection, which features overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, and charge/discharge protection. We ensure the utmost reliability and durability for your tool within compact and smart.



Hanboost” is a word we made up from two words we loved: “handy” and “boost.” We hope to provide users with convenient, straightforward handy products to boost working performance, so we call our brand Hanboost.

Every product we design is driven by a desire to increase your hand performance, ease of use, or productivity. We are passionate about producing gadgets and tools that perform exceptionally well and add some extra style to an everyday routine. We've put months of hard work into creating these products and can't wait to share them with you !

Launching On Kickstarter at 24th May

Frequently Ask Quesions

Available Soon On KICKSTARTER With Up To 45% OFF